Thursday, 19 September 2013

Something like kites

I usually write my own posts by researching artist’s bio’s on the internet then putting those facts into my own words. But this post will be a bit different as this artist has already done that for me. No, I won’t just copy and paste the whole thing but I might lift pieces of the original to place in the middle of my own work.

Something like kites.
Yes that’s the band’s name. The first time I saw it, I wondered what was meant by it. “we are all free in life, but tied down by constraints and subject to others. A kite is free, tied down by the string and subject to the wind all at the same time” – I think that was the most beautiful description I have ever read.

Jake Hyndman-Whittier is the only member of Something Like Kites. Yes. A one man band that produces a variety of layered sounds. It’s an amalgam of acoustic, hip-hop, pop and electro sounds. He usually says if you like Owl City or Ed Sheeran, then you’ll probably enjoy his music. I disagree with this, only because I believe he should say he draws influences from them and he shouldn’t compare himself to them. I believe that he has a very distinct sound and it can range across many genres (as I stated above) therefore, many artists as well.

This Canadian singer-songwriter plays piano and guitar and has the knowledge of electro-synths and combines all of these to create the striking tunes I love to hear.

“I’ll be here” is one of my favourites as the lyrics are comforting and it’s a tranquil listen – by this I mean, there isn’t too much going on and I usually sit and try to pick out everything that happens from the backing vocals to each individual sound that is happening.

“In my arms” is such a pick-me-up pop song and it gets me in a better mood. Especially on those days when I am in a slump and feel as if I cannot face the world on that day.

I suggest you take 10 minutes out of your day to look and subscribe to his youtube channel and sound cloud page. I guarantee you’re going to stay a lot longer than 10 minutes, so give him a listen and like his facebook page, or follow him on twitter – you can also get free songs! BONUS!

Download Album:
Instagram: Look up ''SOMETHINGLIKEKITES''

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