Tuesday, 25 June 2013


This post would be different compared to my others. I am taking notes as it’s happening. So live blogging? Haha. So after countless twitter mentions, I am finally able to see Woodstock mafia. They are said to be performing in a little market in Hout Bay. I am currently on my way to see them, its 7p, 21 June 2013. I am SO excited! Holy Moly… I walked into the market, that doesn’t look like much from the outside, but when I stepped in, it was like frikken Narnia. The market extended and at the back corner, there is a stage. WM just came on stage and it seems to be a chilled set. A crowd gathered around the stage and I am in front, as usual. I just realize I am such a groupie haha. Everyone seems to be so chilled, some people are having supper and jamming. The electric guitarist (I later heard his name is NICK) is brilliant! The solos are so sick – especially in electric light. The drummer had this astonished look on his face when he saw me singing along to electric light haha because I kind of knew all the words :P everyone on stage, and the crowd is casually just jamming and there are small girls dancing on the side. WM really has a sound that everyone can enjoy, from little girls to old people and everyone in between. It got really hot and then someone put on a fan, joe:thanks for the fans, I hope we get more after this show. [pun intended] hahahahahaha. WM then did a cover of RHCP “my friends” and all the old school people enjoyed this A LOT. Everything was awesome! Joe and Nick took a pic with me and @zanyjoe and they are really friendly even though I have the tendency to ramble on because I get too excited and nervous. If you are reading this; please pre-order their CD at www.woodstockmafia.com you shall not regret this!

Thursday, 20 June 2013


So on 8 May 2013 – it was the best day of my life to date! Justin Bieber finally noticed South Africa after all the nagging on Twitter and various other social media. Justin was scheduled to perform at Cape Town stadium on the 8 May. All the local Beliebers created such a vibe and some of them even slept outside the stadium in order to get front row golden circle. In December 2012 the tickets went on sale and within 4 minutes they were all sold out.
So on the day – I walked from the CBD with my sister and brother and behind the stadium (where he was performing) a car drove by and the window was rolled down and OMG GUESS WHO SAT IN THE BACK SEAT?! YES IT WAS JUSTIN!
The atmosphere was such a vibe though. We entered the stadium with bated breath and you could feel the “gees” of the crowd. I saw so many familiar faces – which I thought was strange and not so strange in its own right. I thought – what are the chances of seeing people I know amongst 40 000+ people – but on the flip side – most of my friends are beliebers.

Before Justin came on stage there was a 10 minute countdown. The crowd went absolutely mental! The excitement as the crowd counted down every minute. Justin then came on and the crowd roared and totally erupted! Justin performed all the songs that were said to be on his set list with the exception of 2. It was an exciting performance with crowd interactions. The videography and the stage set up worked in tandem with each other. For example, at the end of his first song, he jumped on the stage and below the stage there was a screen. So he jumped on the stage and the screen below him showed that he jumped into a pool and swam with all his dancers as well. It was a different, yet fantastic, visual.

The concert was thoroughly enjoyed with masses of people smiling, dancing and singing as they left the stadium. Thank you Justin. Please come back to CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA.