Sunday, 23 November 2014

Cherry Vynil

The fact that folk rock bands are becoming a big thing in South Africa makes me a really happy blogger. I first saw Cherry Vynil at the Waterfront when they were competing in Take The Stage for an opportunity to share the stage with South Africa’s biggest musicians at the new year’s eve concert.

Cherry Vinyl was established in 2008 and started busking in Cape Town to make a living and now they perform on stages all across the country.

The sound of Cherry Vinyls music is timeless and I didn’t feel like any sound was repetitive as there were so many variations and layering in their music. Everyone looked comfortable on stage and they looked like they were actually enjoying themselves rather than worrying about the technicalities. I don’t know if that comes with all the years of experience or if they just really enjoy what they are doing. I believe it’s the latter. I enjoyed the fact that they do not come off as pretentious or arrogant. The band is professional and a joy to watch.

The lead vocals were really on point and there seemed to be an ease with which he sang. There is also a very rare quality in the vocalist voice that is quite hard to explain, it’s a crisp, controlled and soothing sound which also exudes his likable personality – I don’t know if that even makes sense but I like it a lot.
The other band members (lead guitarist, bass guitarist and drummer) play off of eachothers energy when lead vocals are busy. There is also an unspoken connection that they have and they know exactly when and what to do at any moment.
I am surprised to hear that they are still unsigned.

Please do follow them on all their social media accounts and also don’t forget to check out their stuff on iTunes.