Thursday, 22 November 2012


So it's just an average night and I feel pretty sad, but I had no idea why. My friend was rashing me on twitter (oh by the way: @kerbelker_s :)) and I didn't want to look any more desperate than I was. So my friend was just tweeting Freddie Van'Dango and mentioning me. Then I checked my phone and yet, I had ANOTHER tweet. I reluctantly picked my phone up and FREDDIE VAN’DANGO tweeted me! After reading this tweet I phoned my friend and started shouting on the phone! (hah I am so weird). This reply just means that he has read all of my (annoying) tweets. Thank you, Freddie. <3

see YOU at Civil Twilight

This just in. this December, South African born rock band CIVIL TWLIGHT will be coming back home from Nashville for their South African tour. This is for their latest album HOLY WEATHER. We-are-awesome events has brought them here. I am so stoked for this concert!! :D 28th of December in Cape Town at the Wittebome Civic Centre in Wynberg. Although the venue may seem a bit strange, I know that Civil Twilight will exceed my expectations. “Civil Twilight is a mystifying blend of atmospheric sounds with swirling guitars and hazy storytelling centered on the struggles and triumphs of human existence. Three parts South Africa and one part Nashville, Steven McKellar, his brother Andrew, Richard Wouters and Kevin Dailey combine power and grace to provide a soundtrack for everything from the cracking of a heart to a walk around the block.” - Andrew Berry. Andrew, Richard and Steven are best friends that grew up in Cape Town. Civil Twilight’s music is influenced by their mother’s classical music (as she was a classical pianist) and alternative music. Many years later in Nashville, Kevin Dailey impressed these three with his talent and Kevin was invited to join Civil Twilight. Civil Twilight has opened for The Smashing Pumpkins and Florence & The Machine (OMG! :D). Tickets are available at ( R125 pre sold and R175 General Admission

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

look. its kongos


The band Kongos comprises of 4 brothers, Dylan, Daniel, Johnny and Jesse. Their father is John Kongos, a South African musician, who is now their manager. They presently compose, record and perform in Arizona.
I was recently at a performance :D (yay me!). They opened for Linkin Park in Cape Town. The crowd roared with cheer as Kongos came on stage. I could feel 45 000 people jump with energy as the first song commenced. In June 2012, “I’m only joking” made it to one of the top positions on the radio charts and South Africa was in love. Surprised guest, Jack Parow, rapped with Kongos. This left the crowd in utter shock but we loved every second of the performance. It was fantastic seeing the amalgamation, of these two very different sounds, meshing so well. I was left breathless by the whole atmosphere, speechless almost. As the wind blew through their hair, beautiful melodies coming through the speakers and watching them in utter awe, I found myself singing along. <3 I took the liberty of Tweeting him AND HE REPLIED :D

Friday, 16 November 2012


After screaming at the people at the Music store, I finally got my hands on a copy of Tonik. I used my EID MONEY to buy it. no regrets, just love <3

i will never forget this!!!


freddie singing on Idols. Freddie in 2012


Freddie Van'Dango, an ex-contestant on South African Idols, has recently launched his debut CD. This CD has taken many months to create but as the saying goes; Rome was not built in a day. Tonik has been released through Rhythm Records in September 2012. This CD comprises of 10 songs. All songs herein are composed by Freddie, except ‘Superlove’ by Brendon Henry Shields and ‘Play’ by Tasha Baxter and Andre Scheepers, ‘Devil’s Charm’ was co-written by Freddie Van’Dango and Andre Scheepers. This album was produced by Dan Roberts, a SAMA winning producer. Freddie Van’Dango’s music is alternative and unique as he has a very distinct voice. Everyone will be able to enjoy Tonik as it has something for everyone and if one just listens to the lyrics of the songs, it is something that everyone can identify with.
List of songs: TONIK, SUPER LOVE, SHADOW, PHANTOMS, CONTAGIOUS, CIGARET ASYLUM, WHITE NOISE, DEVIL'S CHARM, SURFER BLUES, PLAY. The CD is available at any music store nationwide and I urge everyone to support local artists too. South African music has come a long way in recent years and we are making it internationally. If we’re not behind our local people, we cannot expect the rest of the world to be either.

If music be the food of love; play on.

Everyone needs music to stay sane in this world and music has always been an outlet for many. This blog is just a personal space in which I shall express my musical opinion - not that it's a professional one. I believe that my taste in music is strange; however I also believe that I listen to quality music and not just the simplistic stuff. I shall post anything and everything that I think is cool on here. Reviews, pictures and links to music videos. Enjoy! :)