Tuesday, 20 November 2012


The band Kongos comprises of 4 brothers, Dylan, Daniel, Johnny and Jesse. Their father is John Kongos, a South African musician, who is now their manager. They presently compose, record and perform in Arizona.
I was recently at a performance :D (yay me!). They opened for Linkin Park in Cape Town. The crowd roared with cheer as Kongos came on stage. I could feel 45 000 people jump with energy as the first song commenced. In June 2012, “I’m only joking” made it to one of the top positions on the radio charts and South Africa was in love. Surprised guest, Jack Parow, rapped with Kongos. This left the crowd in utter shock but we loved every second of the performance. It was fantastic seeing the amalgamation, of these two very different sounds, meshing so well. I was left breathless by the whole atmosphere, speechless almost. As the wind blew through their hair, beautiful melodies coming through the speakers and watching them in utter awe, I found myself singing along. <3 I took the liberty of Tweeting him AND HE REPLIED :D

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