Friday, 16 November 2012


Freddie Van'Dango, an ex-contestant on South African Idols, has recently launched his debut CD. This CD has taken many months to create but as the saying goes; Rome was not built in a day. Tonik has been released through Rhythm Records in September 2012. This CD comprises of 10 songs. All songs herein are composed by Freddie, except ‘Superlove’ by Brendon Henry Shields and ‘Play’ by Tasha Baxter and Andre Scheepers, ‘Devil’s Charm’ was co-written by Freddie Van’Dango and Andre Scheepers. This album was produced by Dan Roberts, a SAMA winning producer. Freddie Van’Dango’s music is alternative and unique as he has a very distinct voice. Everyone will be able to enjoy Tonik as it has something for everyone and if one just listens to the lyrics of the songs, it is something that everyone can identify with.
List of songs: TONIK, SUPER LOVE, SHADOW, PHANTOMS, CONTAGIOUS, CIGARET ASYLUM, WHITE NOISE, DEVIL'S CHARM, SURFER BLUES, PLAY. The CD is available at any music store nationwide and I urge everyone to support local artists too. South African music has come a long way in recent years and we are making it internationally. If we’re not behind our local people, we cannot expect the rest of the world to be either.

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