Thursday, 19 September 2013

Something like kites

I usually write my own posts by researching artist’s bio’s on the internet then putting those facts into my own words. But this post will be a bit different as this artist has already done that for me. No, I won’t just copy and paste the whole thing but I might lift pieces of the original to place in the middle of my own work.

Something like kites.
Yes that’s the band’s name. The first time I saw it, I wondered what was meant by it. “we are all free in life, but tied down by constraints and subject to others. A kite is free, tied down by the string and subject to the wind all at the same time” – I think that was the most beautiful description I have ever read.

Jake Hyndman-Whittier is the only member of Something Like Kites. Yes. A one man band that produces a variety of layered sounds. It’s an amalgam of acoustic, hip-hop, pop and electro sounds. He usually says if you like Owl City or Ed Sheeran, then you’ll probably enjoy his music. I disagree with this, only because I believe he should say he draws influences from them and he shouldn’t compare himself to them. I believe that he has a very distinct sound and it can range across many genres (as I stated above) therefore, many artists as well.

This Canadian singer-songwriter plays piano and guitar and has the knowledge of electro-synths and combines all of these to create the striking tunes I love to hear.

“I’ll be here” is one of my favourites as the lyrics are comforting and it’s a tranquil listen – by this I mean, there isn’t too much going on and I usually sit and try to pick out everything that happens from the backing vocals to each individual sound that is happening.

“In my arms” is such a pick-me-up pop song and it gets me in a better mood. Especially on those days when I am in a slump and feel as if I cannot face the world on that day.

I suggest you take 10 minutes out of your day to look and subscribe to his youtube channel and sound cloud page. I guarantee you’re going to stay a lot longer than 10 minutes, so give him a listen and like his facebook page, or follow him on twitter – you can also get free songs! BONUS!

Download Album:
Instagram: Look up ''SOMETHINGLIKEKITES''

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Without music, life would be a mistake

Hi everyone.
So I assume by the number of hits on the previous post of this theme, it was enjoyable? I certainly do hope so.
So I am here today to mention a few other artists and songs by them which I think are essential to any playlist.
I do hope you like it.

1. Matthew Mole – The Home We Built (CD) >> the entire CD is a must! Can be purchased on iTunes or at any good music store! Get it

2. Woodstock Mafia – Trigger and Gun >> DEFIANCE (CD) is now out –

3. JJXO – Too Much, Nothing To Let Go, Built To Destroy, On The Leash, Get Used To It

4. The 1975

5. My Red & Blue >> can everyone just please do themselves a favour. This is brilliant. I am not even exaggerating

6. Mighty Oaks

7. Foals

8. Bastille

9. Thomas Krane

10. Al Bairre >> They personally gave me their CD and after replaying it 100000 times, I still enjoyed it as much as the first time. Timeless music is real music.

11. Gangs of Ballet >> Yes/No/Grey is their new CD. I went to their launch in Cape Town and oh my did I enjoy it. Such extraordinary stuff coming from them.

12. Lawson – Juliet, Brokenhearted, Taking Over Me, When She Was Mine, Learn To Love Again, Standing In The Dark

13. San Cisco

14. Sleeping With Sirens – Iris (cover)

15. Puppet Rebellion – Chemical Friends, The Greatest Lie Ever Told, The New Twenty

16. The Fleet – Last All Night, Get Up And Run, Change Your Mind

17. Cruskin

18. Fox Comet

If you have no idea where to get this music to just listen to, everything here is on my soundcloud page. If you do like the songs, please click the link to buy them on iTunes.

Support excellent artists. Support brilliant bands. Support stunning music.

Monday, 9 September 2013


Hello everyone!
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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Trigger and the Gun - Woodstock Mafia lyrics

In the basement underneath me,
there’s a victim and a secret
From the fear of the dark I run
‘coz I know that the good die young
Like a soldier sent to free me,
fighting wars out on the TV
To the sound of the shots I wake
And the truth that I just can’t take

Feel the violence taking over
Getting closer to the end show
Like a bomb that I just cant see,
You’re the fire and I’ll set you free, free, free

I am a sinner and a saint
Don’t forget it
Don’t you forget it
And if you look into my face
You’ll regret it
You will regret it

I am a sinner and a saint
Don’t forget it
Don’t you forget it
And if you look into my face
You’ll regret it
You will regret it

I am the trigger and the gun

I adore you for your weakness
You’re the trouble
I’m the witness
Getting drunk on the freedom sounds
Of the light and the lines
At the back of the minds

All I wanted was the freedom that you promised
When you took me
From the grip of your arms
I wake
And you wouldn’t let me go
And I always want to stay, stay, stay

I am a sinner and a saint
Don’t forget it
Don’t you forget it
And if you look into my face
You’ll regret it
You will regret it

Trigger and the gun

This is the sound of our dismay
This is the sound of our dismay

I am a sinner and a saint
Don’t forget it
Don’t you forget it
And if you look into my face
You’ll regret it
You will regret it

I am a sinner and a saint
Don’t forget it
Don’t you forget it
And if you look into my face
You’ll regret it
I am the trigger and the gun