Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Without music, life would be a mistake

Hi everyone.
So I assume by the number of hits on the previous post of this theme, it was enjoyable? I certainly do hope so.
So I am here today to mention a few other artists and songs by them which I think are essential to any playlist.
I do hope you like it.

1. Matthew Mole – The Home We Built (CD) >> the entire CD is a must! Can be purchased on iTunes or at any good music store! Get it

2. Woodstock Mafia – Trigger and Gun >> DEFIANCE (CD) is now out –

3. JJXO – Too Much, Nothing To Let Go, Built To Destroy, On The Leash, Get Used To It

4. The 1975

5. My Red & Blue >> can everyone just please do themselves a favour. This is brilliant. I am not even exaggerating

6. Mighty Oaks

7. Foals

8. Bastille

9. Thomas Krane

10. Al Bairre >> They personally gave me their CD and after replaying it 100000 times, I still enjoyed it as much as the first time. Timeless music is real music.

11. Gangs of Ballet >> Yes/No/Grey is their new CD. I went to their launch in Cape Town and oh my did I enjoy it. Such extraordinary stuff coming from them.

12. Lawson – Juliet, Brokenhearted, Taking Over Me, When She Was Mine, Learn To Love Again, Standing In The Dark

13. San Cisco

14. Sleeping With Sirens – Iris (cover)

15. Puppet Rebellion – Chemical Friends, The Greatest Lie Ever Told, The New Twenty

16. The Fleet – Last All Night, Get Up And Run, Change Your Mind

17. Cruskin

18. Fox Comet

If you have no idea where to get this music to just listen to, everything here is on my soundcloud page. If you do like the songs, please click the link to buy them on iTunes.

Support excellent artists. Support brilliant bands. Support stunning music.

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