Monday, 7 October 2013

My Red and Blue

Ben Eggebrecht, also known as MY RED AND BLUE, is a pop/rock singer from Nashville.

I think it’s about time that I share one of my favourite artists with you. Yes, I admit that I have purposefully hidden him away because I feel that his music is just too treasurable and I did not want to share. I have given a few hints though, on my tracklists of must haves.

The first time I stumbled across his music was when I was on soundcloud and decided to search all the singers/groups that follow me on twitter. I came across My Red and Blue… and it just stuck. I could not search further.

The song Midnight Gown just kept playing and playing and I found myself pressing repeat for about an hour and a half. This was the first song that I found and it entranced me. His voice is so fascinating, it is comforting and it takes me back to my childhood. This song reminds me of all the fairytales that I love and allows me to relive those memories.

Most of the other songs are a bit more upbeat and pop/rock. I am incapable of describing the complexities of his music as I do not that much musical knowledge besides knowing what's good and what isn't, however I can assure you that his music is worth the listen and you will not regret it.

From what I can tell with the odd twitter mentions, he is a very humble person and I don’t think he knows how talented he is.

Everyone should listen to him. Soundcloud him and buy his stuff.

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