Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Matthew J Mole. Local is lekker.

As one could tell, I was rather excited for the Civil Twilight concert. The concert had an incredible line up. I would like to introduce you to MATTHEW J MOLE. If you do not already know him, I suggest you youtube, facebook or tweet him. Wow. That’s all I can say. I recently watched my first performance by him at The Assembly in CT, South Africa. He opened for Civil Twilight – 28 December 2012. Matthew is a humble, talented guy, which is not only a singer, he is a performer. He plays acoustic guitar and percussion while he sings. As I stood there in utter awe (because I can’t play one instrument, however, I am a good judge of music), the sweet melodies that filled the room reminded me of Mumford and Sons and I was taken to a new dimension. “He was like Mumford and Sons meets Owl City” – Imaan. He’s attractive and he has this voice that makes one completely travel to another world. There is such raw talent in Matthew and one can see that he is enjoying himself whilst on stage. He does this double thumbs up thing because it’s “twice the positivity”. It was nice to see him listening attentively to the crowd’s beats as we clapped our hands to the songs. He was surprised at the sound we made and encouraged us to continue. Please do yourself a favour and check him at a gig if you can. I’m sure facebook will have the details. Oh oh I almost forgot the best part: I MET HIM. (Jumps on the walls. Eep). We had a little chat haha I told him I tweeted him after his performance and he became so excited that he told my friends and I to add him on facebook. Such a cuutiee. Anyway, check him out. I’ll try to update about gigs if I get any information. That’s Matthew J Mole. Youtube. Facebook. Tweet.

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