Friday, 4 January 2013

Gangs of Ballet!

ENERGY. That’s the first word that jumps to mind when thinking of Gangs of Ballet. Brad Klynsmith, Josh Klynsmith, Hardus de Beer and Jonathan Rich immediately burst with energy as they came on stage. The lead singer, Brad, does this thing with his voice that no other can. Gangs of Ballet sound like an amalgamation of Cold Play and all the other really good alternative bands out there. I played “hello sweet world” for a few of my friends and they thought Gangs of Ballet was an international band because they are so good. South African music is really evolving by the minute. Who would have thought that our Durban Boys could do such jaw-dropping things with their instruments? What brought a tear to my eye is when the crowd sang along to the band. This just means that our local people support our local musicians! (Maybe there is a market for me after all. Haha jk). Brad turned to Josh and was like “omg can u believe they’re singing with” < that was the cutest thing I’ve seen since Mike (from Linkin Park) said the same thing to Chester at their Cape Town performance. After the performances were over, the band members told us to come and say hi. Soo when the night ended, I went to say hi :D I was lucky enough to get a few pictures with the band members. Great night indeed. Oh oh – I also wanted to include, you know when band members say that they are really grateful for their fans? Yeah we all know that, but none of them actually reply to their fans’ tweets. I have tweeted Brad numerous times and I think I am getting annoying on top of it (I’m sorry) but he replies all the time with full replies and not just one words. He really is grateful. Everyone, go buy their CD, get to their Gigs. Support Gangs of Ballet.

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