Saturday, 9 February 2013

Civil Twilight

The long awaited South African band started playing at 11pm at the Assembly in Cape Town. The Assembly as packed to the brim with fans from all over Cape Town. After the fantastic mind blowing opening acts, previously mentioned, I waited with bated breath and out came Civil Twilight!!! They came out to a roaring crowd. People were pushing through trying to get to the perfect position to see their idols. As they started playing, I literally lost my min. I was so excited wow! First of all, they played/sang for an hour and a half without ear pieces in. that’s unbelievable – do you even comprehend how difficult it is to get the balance right? I cannot even scream in tune with surrounding sounds.
What they did is pure skill. Secondly, the way Civil Twilight improvised on stage, shows how closely the band members listen to each other. Thirdly, Steven’s voice is exactly the same live. The crowd’s interaction was shocking. When Steven (lead singer) stopped singing, the crowd’s singing would fill the air. People were happy around each other, everyone had one intention: to listen to a phenomenal band.
Although some songs were improvised and in a different key to the original – the fans still knew all the words and were able to sing along. Steven jumped into the crowd with his mic! It was the most epic thing of the year! Such a rock star haha. Steven told us about how most of the songs composed by the band is about Cape Town, as they grew up here. Steven and his brother Andrew grew up in Hout Bay, just a stone’s throw away from my house (OMG!! :D). I managed to speak and take photos with a few of the band members. Thank you for being so lovely and humble! Cannot wait until they return.

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