Sunday, 9 December 2012

Louis Tomlinson Facts

Okay so I have compiled a list of facts.
Louis middle name is William.
Favourite TV show: Misfits and One Tree Hill.
Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays is his dream girl (oh how I wish it was me).
Loves mac&cheese.
If he wasn’t part of One Direction, he would have loved to be a drama teacher.
Has no cousins! (That’s okay, I have plenty – we could share).
Met Eleanor Calder through Harry Styles’ friend.
Loves girls with strong accents.
His Old car is named Cheryl.
Wants a son.
Pretended to be Edward Cullen after watching New Moon.
Fave word: boobs.
Thinks he has a girl bum.
Was dumped once for not being attractive enough (that girl must feel pretty stupid now).
With his first pay check, he adopted a chimpanzee named Larry.
Harry and Louis has slept naked together before (don’t ask why. Seriously, I don’t know).
Louis and Liam made Harry cry twice: wedgie & straightened Harry’s hair while he was asleep.
Loves when girls blush.
Size 10 shoes.
Louis and Harry have matching pink and blue blankets.
Fave band: the Fray (awesooome! I listen to them tooo!).
Calls his mom most nights.
Speaks French.
Really good at playing the piano.
Has a foot fetish.
Louis told his sister not to be in love with Harry because she is too good for him.
Went to the hospital with his mom to look after babies.
Loves shopping – although he won’t admit it.
When he’s bored he prank calls Niall.
Kissing > hugging.
Other boys are not allowed to wear stripes (it’s a Louis-only thing).
“call me old fashioned but I would actually like to get to know a girl before dating her”.
Louis would also love to date a fan (aaah! There’s hope!)

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