Monday, 3 December 2012


Love them or hate them – we are all familiar with their works. Haha that sounds a bit dramatic but I am speaking about the one and only ONE DIRECTION! Yes, everyone thought they were just a phase and the world would eventually forget about them. I thought they were one hit wonders, however they have proved me wrong. As a teenage girl, one direction appealed to me because they are (way) above average looking. I only knew their famous billboard tracks, those poppy dance tracks. My views were soon changed when they released “Little Things”. This song proved to me that they were deeper than the mediocre dance-dance repetitive lyrics. I was at a friend’s place one day and she could be described as the over emotional fan that records and saves or tweets about one direction’s every move. I watched a few interviews of One Direction and soon I became the over emotional “directioner”. One forgets that all these celebs, no matter their age, are still human. Yes, their lives are more extravagant than the average person but we all have exactly the same emotions and people tend to forget that. I started watching (pre-recorded) concerts of theirs. The music that one direction composes has depth and some people do not see it – I never did until now. For the past week, One Direction has been on repeat and I have read online articles about these boys as well. My views on them have completely changed. I finally understand why a few of my friends are obsessed with some of the band members. Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn have incredible talent. If you are not already a directioner, I urge you to do some research or listen to Little Things, Sumer Love, Change My Mind, I Wish OR I Would. I can’t guarantee that you’ll become a directioner but you would definitely appreciate them more. Happy Listening. Love, A former directioner, reborn.

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