Sunday, 18 August 2013


My first encounters with many musicians are on twitter. No really. Then a young man by the name on Angus Powell followed me and I read his bio. Turns out he’s a musician (YAY!). I then youtubed him because – as you can tell – I like being exposed to new music (and being a stalker).

Anyway, Angus Powell. He is a Welsh singer. I do not really know what to classify him as; indie or alternative? Although I know he has drawn influences from Bon Iver and James Vincent McMorrow.

His music is out of the ordinary, unique really. As I type this, I am listening to “monsters”, his latest EP. The lyrics, the instruments and the way in which they fit together, transport one to another world. This is the type of music one listens to and can feel it resonate within you.

I do not know how everyone would feel when listening to his music, but these songs make me think on a deeper level, about life in general and the decisions of who and what I surround myself with.

Angus’ voice is a gentle one. To me, it feels as if he is talking to me personally. I feel like everyone would be able to enjoy his music as it really does connect with everyone. I had my sister listen to it, and we have different music tastes, and she enjoyed this music as well.

I do not know who composes his music and I do not know who writes his lyrics but they are fantastic!

I know of many artists that are arrogant because of their talent, but I have tweeted Angus a few times and he seems really nice. We even have a deal – one day he will fly me to where he is so that I can watch a concert of his and be VIP (haha I felt the need to put that in here as a reminder to him, and to myself).

I feel like everyone should buy ‘MONSTERS’ by Angus as it is now available on iTunes.

“Hugely multi-textural in their construction, but with a misleadingly simple feel, Powell’s tracks contain imagery that every listener can relate to in a personal way. His songs ‘connect’ in a rare, moving, and precious way.” - I found this on

It’s weird that I found that because I typed this blog post and I researched opinions afterwards and I basically said the same thing about Angus, I am just not as sophisticated in my wording haha.

Angus just confirmed that he writes, composes, plays and records his own music. I actually do not know how someone has the ability to do all that and still produces such complex music that sounds strangely simple. By that I mean, his music is easy to listen to but when one actually thinks about all the work that is involved, its absolutely mind blowing.

Angus, if you are reading, thank you for the music. Its spectacular!
Everyone else: go buy ‘monsters’, follow him @anguspowell and like his facebook page

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